Do you own a drone and need repair? Don’t let manufacturer’s slow turn around cost you weeks of fun or thousands in lost work.

    Why should you choose AerialPixels for your repairs?

    At AerialPixels we know how technical issues and maybe even an occasional trees can get you down.  From firmware issues to major crash damage, we can restore your Phantom, Inspire, Matrice or S series to brand new condition. We only use brand new, original DJI parts. Our turn around for repairs is 1-3 days and all repairs are guaranteed. We know how important your rig is to you. Since we stake our reputation on reliability, quality and service, you can spool up and take off with confidence.

    In addition to repairs we also can professionally install the most popular performance upgrades currently available.

    • Range extending antenna systems
    • vinyl wraps
    • custom camera mounts
    • external video transmitters
    • retractable landing gear
    • Tablet mounts
    • follow focus
    • lens modifications

    Discontinued Models with Limited Parts Availability

    Please email or call us on 800 411 9635 for more detials

    DJI Phantom 2 Repair
    DJI Phantom 3 Repair - Los Angeles



    DJI Inspire 2 Advanced Repairs

    DJI Inspire 2 FPV camera replacement with FPV gimbal calibration. Having issues with Inspire 2 FP camera roll/pitch errors or horizon drift? Contact us for replacement or alignment with custom software tools. more

    DJI Mavic Firmware V01.04.0400 Update Issue

    As a premier DJI repair facility, there has been a recent spike in firmware related issues specific to various current DJI products. The issue is classified as critical due to the high probability that numerous hardware components and functions are r more

    DJI Care Refresh Experience

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